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Cheers April 18, 2011

Posted by mattlee in Uncategorized.

Magicians are not the only weavers of illusion.  Every act of creation is at once a truth and a lie.  Every artist–including painters, songwriters, movie directors, poets, and so on–is a magician, an alchemist.  We take from reality and reconstruct a world that does not truly exist, a world that is a mere reflection, a lie of the “real” world.  We are thieves and liars of the best sort.  Here is to the tricksters, to the craftsmen of ruses, to every act of amiable social deviance!

Taken from Joe Hedges’s blog (http://joehedges.com/music/2011/04/07/the-joy-of-trickery-this-is-not-a-pipe/), where he talks about the training he received to perform an illusion to close his concert.

Cheers Joe.  You’re one of the few people who understand us and what we go through.



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