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You know you’re a magician when… June 3, 2009

Posted by mattlee in Uncategorized.

I’ve been exceedingly busy of late. Most of it is work related, however I have in my spare time gotten married and bought a house.

Recently, the wife and I had to trot down to HDB to pay the outstanding amount for the cash above valuation. This is before collecting the keys. HDB regulations are such that the amount paid at handover cannot be a cheque. This makes sense as a cheque can bounce – something you don’t really want when you’ve already handed keys to your flat to a buyer. The amount must be settled in cold had cash, hastily withdrawn from a nearby bank.

Anyway because of this, I had to good fortune to finally see what a SG 1000 dollar bill looks like. (Its purple BTW) Two things immediately popped into my head.

1) My entire life savings converted into 1000 dollar bills can fit into a box of cards. I just realised how poor I am. I suppose I’ve got to learn from our famous friend here how to be financially independent.

2) You know you are a magician when, upon seeing a SGD $1000.00 note you need to suppress the overwhelming urge to fold it into eights and stuff it into a thumb tip.



1. Ade - June 3, 2009

Wuahahaha!!!! I had a kind of a nagging suspicion where the link led to. Anyways, I’m glad you did NOT stuff it into your TT. That will probably be one of the most expensive prop for a close-up magician like you!!!

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