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Abracadabra March 7, 2009

Posted by mattlee in Ramblings, Uncategorized.

From wikipedia:

Abracadabra (sometimes spelled Abrakadabra) is a word used as an incantation.

The term originated from the Aramaic. The original Aramaic phrase was used with a Hebrew prefix Alef rather than the latter version with an Ayin. The difference was that the original meaning was “I will create, as I say,” while the latter was “What was said has been done.”

I suppose that before revealing the final loads in the cups and balls routine, one should say “Abracadabra! Lemon!”

On a more serious note, this has got to be the coolest magic word ever. Indeed, even J.K Rowling agrees, as Harry Potter’s killing curse spell is “Avada Kedavra”, which she openly admits is derived from “Abracadabra”.



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