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The Cure December 22, 2008

Posted by mattlee in Card Magic, Ramblings.

Recently I’ve been wondering why my magic  (magic in general?) seems so inconsistent. Sometimes I can elicit gasps of astonishment, sometimes I look like a clown.

I was trying in the past few weeks to find a consistent way of engaging my audiences, and so far I’ve failed miserably. However I think I might find an answer in the words of Teller.

In most magic, as far as I can see, the plot is, ‘I wish for something. I get it. And its what I want.’

The cause in this case is the magician’s will. He wills it; it comes true.

This is not the drama of a human being, it is the depiction of a god, generally a capricious and trivial one. It contains not a smidgen of genuine conflict, and without this conflict, the magician in a position of god-like power at all times has not a flicker of humanity.

Teller (quoted from ‘Absolute Magic, by Derren Brown)



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