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An interesting conversation. December 1, 2008

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An excerpt of a conversation with a girl (let’s call her J), whom I work with from time to time. I’ve cleaned up the local slang (singlish) but maintained the meaning.

J: Hey what were you doing before magic?

Me: I was playing music.

J: Wow. What did you play?

Me (trying to show off): Guitar and bass and keyboard.

J: That’s a lot!

Me (head swelling): I never got really far in any of them though.

J: Then why did you stop to do magic?

Me: There’s nothing special about playing music. Nowadays almost anyone can play.

J: But there’s nothing special about magic as well

Me (ego deflates immediately): …

Make of this what you will. For me, I’m rethinking my entire philosophy towards the ‘art’. For the record, I’ve never shown J a single magic effect before this conversation. I don’t think I ever intend to.



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