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Death to the Double Undercut August 16, 2008

Posted by mattlee in Card Magic, Flourishing, Forums, Ramblings.

Finally a new post.  I haven’t updated this blog for almost a month, and I’m told that’s a bad thing. Ah well.

Theory11’s recent 1on1 by Joe Paschall caused a minor furor on the forums.  Entitled ‘Death to the Double Undercut’ it’s basically a double undercut executed under the cover of a flourish – i.e you can transfer a card/cards from the top to the bottom of the deck and vice versa, all while executing what appears to be a pendulum cut.

Understandably,  some of the members took offense to being sold a modified double undersut for $5USD. While I understand the sentiment, I don’t think his move is entirely useless. Let me explain:

About a year and a half ago I came up with a ‘move’ (I use the word pretty loosely here) that combines Oz Pearlman’s Rub-Dub-C cut with a double undercut. It has since replaced my double undercut on some occasions. I never considered my idea to be original, I was 110% sure that it had been done before and published.  Still I took a measure of pride that Joe (a magician I do respect on some level) had the same idea as me, which is that if you’re going to flourish, at least make the flourish do something useful.

Here’s an example of a flashy ace production where the move is perfect. Note that if you are not a magician and are not familiar with magic jargon, the following will probably be unintelligible to you.

Ace Production
1. Remove 4 aces from the pack and display them. Remember to make a big deal of the fact that there are no other aces/duplicates in the deck. This provides motivation.
2. Insert them back, and perform your favorite multiple shift. If you don’t have one yet may I suggest the Arthur Buckley Shift.
3. Get a break under 2 cards and perform DttDUC.
4. Now you’re going to do that old trick where you take the deck in the right hand and apply pressure on the top and bottom cards and throw the deck to the other hand leaving the top and bottom cards behind in the right hand.  I’m not sure what the name of the move is, but I first learnt it from watching Michael Ammar.  Anyway, you will do this twice, once from right to left hand, and once from left hand to table. This should leave you with the 4 Aces. Performed correctly, the audience should have no idea where they came from.

Here, replacing the DttDUC (Death to the Double Undercut) with the standard DUC is possible, but the trick will loose at least half its flashiness, and probably won’t flow as smoothly.

Of course the question now is whether the DttDUC is worth $2.95USD (T11 has since revised their price in response to complaints). I suggest instead taking the idea and figuring out something similar. You get to exercise your brain and you’ll end up a better magician for it.



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